surface release, reuse, zero liquid discharge


The ZLD System

PetroH2O Recovery has combined the world's most advanced zero liquid discharge technology with the "Best in Class" ultra-filtration ceramic membrane and a powerful electro-oxidation technology. The combination of these three proprietary and patented technologies creates an unparalleled system designed to economically treat “high TDS“ (greater than 50,000 mg/L) produced water to surface release and reuse quality requirements. For desalinating levels below 50k mg/L we utilize the best in class RO and EDR. For ZLD in TDS levels below 50k mg/L we can add Aquafortus to the end of any desalination process to treat the brine concentrate. This can eliminate the need for an injection disposal well. 


Oxidation and Filtration

Pretreatment, pretreatment, pretreatment.  It is crucial to any produced water treatment process to maximize economics and produce a superior filtrate-brine.  


Our hyper oxidation technology produces multi-oxidants directly in the effluent for disinfection. The technology is based on an electro-oxidation process in which oxidation reactions occur by applying an electric field between non-sacrificial electrodes, generating multiple oxidants directly in the effluent for oxidation of organic and inorganic contaminants. Unlike electrocoagulation, it uses only electricity to create the chemistry inside the treatment reactor.  


The CEMBRANE ceramic silicon carbide flat sheet membrane assures us of this quality of filtrate-brine to feed our AquaFortus extraction process.  CEMBRANE is our "WORKHORSE".  It is durable, non-corrosive, easy to maintain and operates with a maximum flowrate and minimal power.  This is crucial in the oil and gas industry.  The modular design also allows for ultimate flexibility and sizing. 


The Non-Thermal Crystallizer

Aquafortus™-NTR zero liquid discharge technology is a novel liquid-to-liquid crystallizer that promotes the formation of salt crystals via a proprietary direct contact crystallization process using Aquafortus’ patented materials, the             AQF Absorbent and the AQF Regenerant.


Aquafortus™-NTR works by a two-stage solvent exchange process with the AQF Absorbent acting as a transfer medium for water. When a pretreated produced water (brine) contacts the AQF Absorbent, the water is absorbed and the remaining salts instantly crystallize.   The AQF Regenerant removes water from the AQF Absorbent allowing it to be continually reused in the system. In the treatment train, AquaFortusNTR will replace both the power hungry thermal evaporator and crystallizer.

  • Energy Use- 90% Less
  • OPEX per bbl- 80% Less
  • CAPEX per bbl- 50% Less

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