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SWD Injection and Transport


Overflow Energy, LLC was founded in 2007 with one saltwater disposal well in the Panhandle of Texas. From that well we grew to become a leader in the oil and gas industry in the Texas Panhandle and Northwestern Oklahoma. We own and operate over sixty saltwater facilities and our recent expansion has been to the Permian Basin along with new facilities in the Scoop and Stack in Oklahoma. 

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Water Treatment Systems


RODI Systems has more than two decades of experience in designing and fabricating wastewater treatment systems.  We take pride in our ability to provide custom systems designed specifically for our customers' most demanding needs, including treatment of produced water from oil and gas exploration and production and industrial waste water. 


ZLD Technology Partner


 PetroH2O Recovery and New Zealand based Aquafortus Technologies have an an exclusive licensing agreement to develop, market and distribute their patented zero liquid discharge (ZLD) technology for the U.S. oil and gas produced water market.  Aquafortus developed and holds multiple patents on the non-thermal, continuous and re-generable ZLD technology.  

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Filtration Technology Partner


PetroH2O Recovery and Denmark based Cembrane have an exclusive oil and gas produced water distribution agreement to build and distribute their silicon carbide flatsheet membranes and modules.  Cembrane has developed and produced a new generation SiC ceramic membrane from their facilities in Denmark. They provide OEM & System integrator in more than 20 countries with a unique outside-in flat sheet membrane and module. 

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Electro-Oxidation Partner


CWP’s Electro-oxidation is an electrochemical process in which oxidation reactions occur by applying an electric field between Non-sacrificial electrodes, generating multiple oxidants directly in the effluent for oxidation of organic and inorganic contaminants.  With Special geometry electrodes and reactor design allows to treat effluent regardless of salinity. CWP has demonstrated the efficacy and reliability of their commercial units on several types field applications. 

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